Emotional Effects Of Acne

 Face is most important part of our body - it is our profile. Others may not see other parts of us, but always they look at our face.
Acne can have deep emotional effects. What is still more disturbing is that these effects have nothing to do with the severity of the condition in the individual as even mild cases of acne are known to be emotionally whelming.

 Acne affects about 85% of teenagers. These years are extremely important in a teenager’s life as it is during this time that they develop their personality. This is the sole reason why it is very important to explain and understand the social impact of acne. Teen years are considered the most beautiful years of one’s life. Unfortunately it is also a time when physical beauty is "firstplace". This is why most individuals in their puberty face several psychological problems due to their acne. Here is a list of some such common problems:

 These people link their physical appearance with their peer status.
 They lose their self esteem and attitude, and body image.
 Some acne sufferers start growing their hair to cover their acne.
 Girls start wearing more and more cosmetics in order to hide their pimples. They fail to realize that by doing this, they are only worsening the situation.
 Acne on the body parts like (for example the back and the chest) can reduce participation in sports. This is not because it affects the sport in any manner but because those afflicted with acne feel humiliated while disrobing in the changing rooms.
 Most acne sufferers slowly start showing withdrawal symptoms which affects their relationships with relatives and friends.
 Acne sufferers often have to listen to provocative and cruel taunts from their peer group.
 They start avoiding eye contact with others.
 Acne patients find it difficult to form new relationships. This holds especially true if they wish to interact and build relationships with the opposite gender.
 They slowly become shy, unresponsive and secluded.
 They constantly live under the fear of hearing bad comments from those around them.
 Extreme cases also develop social phobia.
 Acne affects the schooling years of the patient as they do not wish to go to school and finally have to deal with poor academic performance.
 Their academic performance can lead to future unemployment.
 The reclusive nature of acne patients leads them to take sick leave from work, thus risking their job.
 Several career options are also ruled out for those who suffer from acne- like modeling and acting
 Finally, acne patients are known to be less successful in their jobs due to their lack of confidence.

Depressed acne sufferers show signs and symptoms like: loss of appetite, behavioral problems, mood swings,
constant feeling of shamefulness and disgrace, lethargy, crying too often.
 Severe depression also results in suicidal thoughts and even suicide at times.

It would be best to consider medical help at the earliest if you too are experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above. This would help save you from distress and affect to your self-confidence.
There are several successful and affordable treatments for acne. All you need to do is to get in touch with a reliable dermatologist to know the options that would help you get rid of your acne.

Take steps to nurture your skin today so that tomorrow you can lead an acne-free life.

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