Comedones or blackheads are not actually a consequence of pollution. They are result of the oxidation effect of the air on the fatty secretion in a occlusion pores and natural skin pigment called melanin. Comedones penetrate deeply into the skin but can be removed with appropriate care. Steam baths help the person to be overcome congestion and points drawn on the surface. Steam containing plant extract as camomile, sage and aloe, can make this process more efficient. Cosmetic masks and rubdown, if applied regularly, will also contribute to suppression of the black spots to the surface of skin. Kaolinitic masks are particularly beneficial in the treatment of comedones and pustules (also known as milia), contained in limestone mask is able to draw out and absorb fat from clogging pores. Some authorities recommend the use comedone extractor - a small metal tool that drag out accumulated comedones in the bud or pore residues. These devices is best left in the hands of specialists and beauticians, extractors are not designed for personal use. If you do not handle them carefully and skillfully, they can cause permanent damage.

Warning: Resist the temptation of squeezing blackheads. Besides the danger of infection, there are probability to damage pores and they would be unable to function properly. Even just to touch the face may increase the number of pustules. Under skin are lymph glands and sinus cavities. Inflammation of the surface caused by squeezing, may result in much more serious (even fatal) infections, if these areas be affected.

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