The largest organ of the human body

Which is it? Answer is SKIN. It breathes, sweats, support body temperature, regenerate, protect internal organs, has sensory nerve endings and is silky-soft to the touch when in good condition. It is made of three layers, each with its important parts. Although it can be seen with the naked eye, every minute we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells. To restore this big amount, body needs of water, oxygen and various nutrients.

What cause skin disorders? Environmental pollution, poor eating habits, pharmaceutical drugs, abuse alcohol and cigarettes, insufficient sleep and stress. These are constant toxic load that stormed the body daily. Most of us accept less vitamins and trace elements through food and drink not enough water. This leads to double trouble - the body can not recover and promptly cleaned of toxins. We become more toxic - the more damage to our systems from free radicals that attack us, both internally and externally. This can be seen best in premature skin aging - wrinkles, dryness, "flabby" skin, too oily, eczema, psoriasis...

Remember that skins is being built INSIDE -> OUT. By providing high quality food supplements containing basic substances combined with appropriate acne care products, you can achieve a remarkable synergetic effect. Aside gene factors, beauty and healthy skin is built with the acquisition of nutrients that support body detoxification (process of purification) and complete recovery. However, it should not ignore the importance of a varied diet, eating fresh food and fresh alkaline, the adoption of a sufficient quantity of clean water.

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