External care for acne and oily skin

Paradoxical as it sounds, the truth is that one of the most effective cleaners for oily skin is oil. If you use products that dry your skin you maybe notice that they cause more intensive fatty secretion.

 Proper skin care is vital and for this purpose you can find some wonderful and very reliable products. Regular use of cleansing lotions, facial massage creams, face masks and moisturizers - all helping to improve the quality of skin. Toning lotions are useful for brightening the skin and remove traces of cleaning agents, but equally effective may be a splashes of cold water after cleaning. This "action" causes "counter" - ensures cold water flow of warm blood to the capillaries and the surface of the skin, increasing blood circulation helps to transport nutrients to the healing and accelerates the disposal of waste.

 If you have oily back skin, use bath brush and mild cleanser to gently separate dead cells. This will improve your circulation of the blood.

 Cleaning - Use a cleaning agent (liquid or solid) with adjusted pH. Rub it into damp skin and rinse thoroughly with warm water. After each cleaning splash your face with cold water.
 Tone - To not be easily expanded as pores, a cotton pad soaked in dilute mixture of cider vinegar and filtered water (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup water). Unspent amount of the mixture may be kept in the refrigerator two or three days. Toning agents did not actually closing the pores, but the flow of blood to the skin surface makes it more polished and tightened.
 Toning agents did not actually closing the pores, but the flow of blood to the skin surface makes it more polished and tightened.
 Protecting and nourishing - Protecting and nourishing
Use a protective daily moisturizer and apply the optional basis as any curative agent containing no fat.

 Cleaning - Select any quality cold extracted oil and rub a small amount of it into the skin with clean fingers. Stay with it 3 minutes. Then remove excess with a dry cotton swab, followed by new swabs, dipped in lukewarm water and well squeezed. You can use a cosmetic sponge instead of this. Textile materials and fabric are not suitable for this purpose - they can scratch or irritate the delicate surface of the skin.
 Tone - Splash your face with lukewarm water and dry with clean towel.
 Protecting and nourishing - It is preferable to choose a moisturizer suited for oily skin. Massage your face with a small amount of it. The area around eyes and neck also require special attention, even if your skin is oily.

 For a better cleansing, it’s an idea to take a vapor bath (boil some water and put your head over the vapors for a few minutes), and then wash your face with an antibacterial soap. First remove all traces of makeup with cleansing milk. Wipe excess, but not wash with cold water. Then bend over just boiled water. If you want, you can cover your head with towel - the effect will come faster. Stay 5 minutes. After that while skin is still warm and damp, use face mask.

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