Link between acne and digestion

 Most probable reason for acne is bad digestion. Coffee, chocolate, oranges, orange juice, spices and alcohol can affect to your organism. Not many people know that stomach and head are connected.

 Vitamins B1 and B2 are very helpful for acne treatment, because they participate in metabolism and nourish nerve endings in the skin. If you take hydrochloric acid, pepsin and digestive enzymes you would get rid of acne faster.

 Here are the food that have to be avoided if you have acne or oily skin:
-red meat
-cow milk
-paste products
-fried and fatty foods
-sweeten and fizzy drinks
-ready-to-cook foods, tinned foods and packaged foods
-piquant spices

 Instead of this it is better to consume these:
-Fresh fruits (oranges and orange juices are an exception to the rule) - 2 fruits per day before or between feedings, but never with your food!
-Fresh vegetables and salads. Everyday eat one salad and 2 fresh vegetables
-Home-made soups
-Rice and rye
-Biological yoghurt
-Garlic, onion, leeks - you can cook them to salad or soup, cooked in clay or glass vessel.
-Seeds and nuts
-Fresh fish twice per week
-Fresh eggs - 3 times per week
-Filtered or bottled water
-Vegetable juices and fruit watered juices

 If your acne is strong it is almost compulsory to take vitamin A, C and E. They exert good influence to the papules.

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