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There are tons of information about acne, you can read it day after day, week after week or even month after month (like my case). I don't claim that my opinion is THE ABSOLUTELY TRUTH. I am based on my experience. I have strived to expose most important information what I found on Internet, TV, books and my conversations with dermatologists. Many facts described here sounds like an untruth. It is your obligation to sift out everything.

  What is my story? My face was looking like peanut cake (mmmm... delicious)

After school I was at home, front the computer. Searching info about getting rid of hateful acne. On weekends - the same. I was depressed. Nobody has ever told me that I am pimply or ugly. But I felt that it's better for me to do something. Washing and smearing my face were my habits. I tried different popular products - no result. Where was the promise for glowing skin? I was almost desperated. And one day saw a link in Facebook - "get rid of acne - products review". There was a review of dozen of products - oils, creams, pills. I was used about 7 till then. So I choose one of pills and buy it online. I am thankful to my parents to give me such obstinacy. To obtain something is need to be stubborn as a mule.

 Pills have been delivered after several days. 2 pills after meal "with full glass of water" according to directions for use (this may sound funny but it's really important). 4 pills per day. 60 pills in the container. I have thought that 15 days are too short period to become something. I said "If there is no result after these 15 days, bye Fitoderm." Besides of all I was optimistical that these pills could help me. And keep observing directions. Meanwhile I've ordered one more container.

 After 2 weeks I noticed that some people's gazing me strange. After while I forgot this. I have continued to take the pills. After 1st container I felt that I am not choking after long walking.

 One week after this I've already noticed that my skin is more clean. Even the little wrinkles on my forehead were more imperceptible. I was understood that if I want to cure my acne I have to begin with my organism, not just the skin.

 In this hectic lifestyle we don't have so much time to care about ourselves. Fitoderm is THE EASIEST AND HARMLESS WAY for me to get rid of acne.Not the cheapest but most efficient for me. Now my skin is healthy and glowing. I eat what I want and I don't care about some diets, just don't go to extremes with chocolate and chips.

 Big thanks to FITODERM.

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